The Matter of Life

Maya Cinemas 3090 E Campus Pointe, Fresno, CA, United States

JARON Ministries International presents: “The Matter of Life” – an Exclusive Red Carpet Documentary Movie Screening with special guest, filmmaker Tracy Robinson. Open and thoughtful discussion of abortion is rare in our daily lives because the issue is thought to be "too political," "too religious," "too controversial," or "too personal." Yet, it affects people around […]


Immorality in the Ministry: The Perils of Pastoral Power

Campus Bible Church 4710 N. Maple Ave, Fresno, CA, United States

For two thousand years, sexual sin among Christian leaders has been a serious issue. The “new morality” is really just the old immorality with a new name. The timeless Word of God has always given clearly-stated, proactive guidelines to win this purity war—even in our “pornified” generation. Those, especially, who have been called to ministry […]