Ministry Team

JARON Leadership Team

Dr. James Cecy

President & Founder

President and Founder of JARON Ministries Intl’ and The Purity War, Pastor, and International Speaker

Rob Carter

Director of Ministries

Men’s Events Producer, Sr. Chaplain and Instructor, and REEL Event Producer

JARON Administration Team

Sarah Klose

Global Outreach & Director of REEL Ministries

Volunteer Missionary and Director of REEL Faith-Films Ministries

Heather Schuhlein

Office Administrator / Bookkeeper

JARON’s Financial Records and HR Services

JARON Ministry Team

Alan Meyer

Global Impact Ministries

Construction Teams Leader

Brad & Anita Barshaw

Mentor & Coach for Finishing Well Ministries

Pastor to Pastor Mentoring and Coaching Ministries

Brent Lindquist

Pastoral Care, Counseling & Consulting

Pastoral Counseling and Consulting

Curtis Clark

CODE3 Missionary


Dan Edwards

Director of Outdoor Adventure Ministries

Dan & Linda Iles

Speakers & Teachers for Pastor Leader Training Ministries

Training up and encouraging Christian leaders, in the U.S. and abroad.

Darin Alvord

Director of Global Radio Ministries International

Director of Global Radio Ministries and Radio Broadcasts Production Director

David Powers

CODE3 Missionary

Emanuel Tundrea

Pastor & Professor Emanuel University of Oradea

Discipling students and young families in the university and local church

Gary Lau

Owner & Missionary of Learn the Bible Fast

Bible Educator & Curriculum Designer

Gene Beck

Professor & Counselor in Pastoral Leadership & Care

Pastoral Counseling and Training for Pastors and Missionaries

Gil & Carol Harder

Intl’ Director for Africa Hope Ministries

Evangelism/ Discipleship Equipping Ministries

Gregg Cantelmo

JMI Adjunct Missionary

Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Community Church in Phoenix, AZ and provides pastoral and leadership training to indigenous church leaders worldwide

Javi & Lorna Loera

Teachers, Worship Leaders, Disciplers & Mentors for Magnify Ministries

Ministers to Pastors & Ministry Leaders

Jim Groft

CODE3 Ministry Chaplain

Chaplaincy Training

Joel Andres Caraballo


Jon Jo

Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor for Valley of Grace Church

Josh Carter

CODE3 Missionary

Director / Instructor of CODE3 Ministries, a Law Enforcement Ministry

Justin Blue

International Student Ministries

Training & reaching out to international college students on campus

Dr. Ken & Mary Royer

Pastoral Care & Counseling

Pastoral Counseling and Training

Kenton Rahn

JMI Adjunct Missionary

Pastor of Men’s Ministries

Lito Sampan

JMI Philippines Field Director

Trains pastors and church leaders in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia

Mark Kotenkoff

JMI Missionary

Construction Teams Leader

Mark Tremaine

Student Ministries Intern through JMI

Serving in Air JARON, a Radio Broadcast Production

Martin Mayfield

Instructor & Counselor for JARON Bible Institute

Pastoral Counseling Ministries

Natalie Meyer

JARON Media Ministries

Natalie serves as JARON Media Department Video Production

Pete Lupton

JMI Missionary & Director of NePornu

Raising awareness of the dangers of pornography and helping those who are already addicted to it in the Czech Republic

Rich & Lynn Bright

Missionaries for Bright Philippines Ministry

Church planting in the Philippines

Rick & Kristi Neace

CODE3 Missionaries & Director of Path Light Project

Rick – Retired LE and serving bereaved families
Kristi – Speaker and author hosting women’s Bible studies and Director of Path Light Project, a Bible basics training program

Rick Rood

Hospital Chaplain & Teacher in Pastoral Care Ministries

Teaching pastoral care to individuals in churches and providing pastoral care to those in hospitals internationally

Rob Lyness

Instructor for JARON Bible Institute


Robert Baker

Director of Rear Guard Warrior Ministries

Minstering to active military and veterans.

Rodger Tiffin

JMI Missionary

Church planting in the Central Valley

Rodie Hill

Instructor for JARON Bible Institute


Sam Carter

JARON Graphic Designer


Stephen & Kimala DeSena

Speakers & Teachers for Church Ministries

Wayne Worden

Founder & Director of Re-start Ministries

Suppling donated household items and furniture to families starting over

Anita Barshaw


Bruce VanBenscotten

Charles Specht

JMI Adjunct Missionary

Chuck Scott

CODE3 International


David Marble

David McFerrin

David Padgett

CODE3 International


Debby Tinnin

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant to Dr. James Cecy

Doug Deffebach



Geoff Tipton


Jarod Rameriz

JARON Pro-Life Ministries

Frontlines advocacy ministries

Jennifer Graves



John Maxfield

CODE3 International

Josh Cook

Karon Cecy

SIDE BY SIDE – Pastor’s Wives Min.


KC Dickie

Mighty Men Movement

Board Member – Founder of Mighty Men Movement and Men’s Equipping Network

Ken Dones

Volunteer Missionary

JARON Information Technology ministries

Kevin Maxwell

Kim Wybenga

JARON Pro-Life Ministries

Frontlines advocacy ministries

Larry Espedal

JARON Counseling|Consulting

Pastoral Counseling

Lauren Tremaine



Lee Tinnin

JARON Media Promotion


Marilyn & Lee Wiser

Global Impact Ministries

Administrative Assist Ministries; Service Teams and Admin Support Ministries

Matt Naylor

Megan McCleary

Michael Bauer


Videographer and Editor for JMI

Michelle Reed

Global Impact Ministries

Outreach Missions

Mike Wilhelm

JARON Men’s Ministries

Men-In-Action Ministries

Randy Brannon

Richard Kiger

Richard Whal

Sam Shields

Shelly Betts


Steve Belmont

CODE3 International Chaplaincy


Steve Brown

Terry Ashmore

CODE3 International Chaplaincy


Tim Dinkins

JMI Adjunct Missionary

JARON Midea Development Team