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Why Shortwave radio?

Many people are unaware of the real power of radio broadcasting, though most of us use radio quite frequently. Imagine being in a society where the government knows your every move and your beliefs and your dissent and your intents. This “Orwellian” society is the reality in modern Asia. It is becoming true here in the US through the problems of intrusiveness of social media and the loss of protection of people’s natural rights. Still, in the oppressive countries of Asia, it is governmental intent to track, monitor and deal with individuals through the same instruments we trust so much here in the US. Our use of the Internet through our computers and smartphones opens us to these abuses, which are the norm in Russia, China, Southeast Asia and most of that region of the world that comprises 1/3 of the world’s population.

How does your internet browser know what you prefer, what you have ordered online, what programs you have streamed and where you have travelled?  Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram and many of the applications you have willingly loaded on your computer and phones use your keystrokes and web page visits and online orders you place to gather intelligence on you. This same technology is used in China to deduce what an individual’s political views are, where they get information, what religious beliefs they have, whom they communicate with and whether they fit the personal mold that the state has for them. These are not the actions of a government that is attempting to secure the natural rights of individuals – these are actions of despotism.

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Only communication from outside the society that does not use the government-controlled internet can be a vehicle for individuals to hear and share free thoughts and hear information that is not government filtered. Shortwave radio is at the forefront of this kind of communication.  Shortwave radio can travel thousands of miles, so it can come from well outside the control of the local and national government. Shortwave radio is available to a large portion of the population because it is included in such a high percentage of locally available radio receivers, most of which are manufactured in Asia!  Shortwave reception cannot be tracked by practical means, even by a sophisticated government effort on a small scale, let alone widely. Shortwave radio works best at night due to the effects of the ionosphere, so listening to shortwave can be done more easily and privately in most cases. 

This is why Voice of America, a propaganda arm of the US government has been so vested in the use of shortwave radio for many decades. Voice of America further proved the value of shortwave radio when, in 2005 – 2015, the agency shut down several of its international transmitters, believing that the internet and video distribution would supplant the effectiveness of shortwave broadcasts. Their short-sightedness has proved to be a disaster for V O A’s effectiveness. In the last six years, Voice of America has been scrambling to get back into shortwave broadcasting due to the censorship and shutdown to access of the “world wide web”.  

Suffice it to say that shortwave radio – a technology that is 100 years old – has a new and robust use in reaching out to billions of people who are trapped under oppressive rule and are otherwise without access to anything other than government-supplied information. 

It is because of all of these facts, and because we believe the best solution to the world’s problems are found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that we became interested in serving through Trans World Radio as a volunteer engineer at their big shortwave broadcasting station in the island of Guam.

Prayers & Praise

Your regular prayers for the Alvords’ ministries are requested. Prayers of our brothers and sisters in Christ have propelled our service. Financial support is always needed and requested. So much is already being done with multiple broadcasts going out weekly, work on the tower restoration going on daily, and work to keep the old transmitters performing until they can be replaced with new ones. You can be an important part of supporting these things and, ultimately, adding to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.



We are currently digitizing 42 sermons on the book of 1 Thessalonians for broadcast in DRM, Digital Radio Mondiale. This series of messages on the book of John is by Dr. James M. Cecy of Campus Bible Church in Fresno, CA. Dr. Cecy has served as Senior Pastor of CBC for over 25 years and is the author of many books. The current series is an in-depth, verse-by-verse exegetical study of the 1 Thessalonians.

The goal of this project is to use the original recordings to produce transcripts in Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Indonesian languages for recording and broadcast into areas of Asia where each of these languages is the heart language of the people.

Team Members

Darin Alvord

Mark Tremaine

Dr. Jim Cecy

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