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About Us

Pete Lupton was born in the Czech Republic and became a Christian in 2004. He did his undergraduate studies at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague and earned his Magister of Theology degree at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in 2013.

In 2015, he translated Dr. Cecy’s book “The Purity War” into Czech. Since then, Pete has been teaching on the subject of sexual purity in churches in the Czech Republic. Because of his focus, Pete became a JARON missionary in 2017, helped organize JARON events in the Czech Republic, and translated other books written by Dr. Cecy.

In 2018, Pete launched a project focusing on raising awareness of the dangers of pornography, and helping those who are already addicted to it. This has been really challenging, especially because the Czech Republic is the biggest porn producer in Europe, and third with regard to human trafficking. Because of this, he is also networking with other anti-human trafficking ministries in the Czech Republic.

Because the project NePornu keeps on growing, Pete founded a non-profit organization in January 2020 and became its director. He is in charge of a large group of volunteers that help people online, and travels around the Czech Republic teaching on this subject.

If you want to learn the latest news about the NePornu project, or start receiving regular newsletters, take a look here:

Prayers & Praise

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